• 15.0% Ice Cream Spoons 01.vanilla Japan Import WRRYEBFGI

A spoon of the magic that can eat the ice cream which froze hard immediatelyIt's egg-shape tip. This is the standard type.Fresh from the fridge hard tick frozen ice cream scoop with a spoon.Spoon of material is solid aluminum.It is awarded a good design prize in 2011.

● To hard to scoop the ice cream frozen to tick just out of the refrigerator with a spoon. It's likely to break in the bonus of a spoon that I get in a shop, in the ordinary spoon hand becomes painful. May become bent spoon is like a psychic! ● Just because it's ice cream will wait until dissolved it is tantalizing. 15.0% of ice cream spoon was solved such a tantalizing feeling ● plump is form the shape of the spoon fits in the palm of the hand. Not sore hand even dug a frozen ice cream to tick by having to wrap the spoon across the palm of the hand not only fingertip ● In addition, spoon of material solid aluminum. By utilizing the height of the aluminum thermal conductivity at the body temperature of a hand holding a spoon, it is possible to begin to rake while melted ice cream ● 01.vanilla shape tip of the egg type. Standard type

15.0% "Ice Cream Spoons" 01.vanilla Japan Import WRRYEBFGI

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15.0% "Ice Cream Spoons" 01.vanilla Japan Import WRRYEBFGI

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